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Sam Kingston

sam kingston

Hello 👋

I'm Sam, a freelance & open source developer currently living in London 🇬🇧. I have built samkingston.xyz as a space to document my work. It also serves as a portal to a blog of my personal interests, travels, thoughts, notes and opinions. Tell me more

When I'm not building & breaking things on the web or tinkering with technologies, I travel to new places, read, build PCs, game on PCs, cook and love to learn new things. I have always been fascinated with technology. Learning to program came with the benefit of allowing me to be creative, while forcing me to build a tolerance and appreciation for critical thinking and problem solving skills. I believe being able to break down any problem and solve it is one of the most important skills we can develop for ourselves. I am currently building a lot of small apps, working on learning a front end framework and looking at building modular and reusable components that improve the efficiency of old and future code bases. My goal is to build something that can make a positive impact in others lives.

Languages and Web Technologies:

Javascript ES6/Node, Python


Libraries and Frameworks:

React, Express, Passport, MongoDB, Mongoose, Bootstrap, Tailwinds

Development Tools:

Git, Bash/Zsh, Docker, Vim, VSCode, Postman, Insomnia, Selenium, Heroku, Unix/Linux

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